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From: J Oliphant
Subject: El Rey Del Arco chapter oneEl Fucking housewife young Rey Del Arco
By J. Oliphant***********************************
This story contains sex between two males, if this offends you or is
illegal where you live, and you somehow got this far into the website
without noticing, please leave now, if not read on.This story and its copyright belongs to me so please don't publish
elsewhere without my permission.
***********************************Chapter OneI'd just finished my music lesson when it started to rain, I mean really
rain, I cursed my luck and double checked my cello case so rain water
didn't seep in. Hunched down I made my way out of the front gates of school
struggling up the near vertical climb that leads to my house. Glancing to
my left I see my own image in the window of a car, my spine parallel to the
gradient of the hill burdened with the weight of my cello and its' hard
case.I look up and see a group of sixth formers headed my way, I try my best to
look small and not attract their attention (which is hard when your 6'2 and
ginger) very young nn but it was too late; I'd made eye contact."Eric! Come over here and suck my cock, faggot, you'd like that wouldn't
you?"I tried walking on the road to avoid intercepting them on the path but it
was obvious what I was trying to do. The biggest one dug his elbow into my
ribs as he walked One training young past, with an accompanying shout of 'faggot', I walked
out the other end, cringing from pain and embarrassment. A few seconds
later a car pulled up beside me, I can't see who it is because of the
tinted windows, the front window rolled down to reveal Sean.Sean isn't just the most handsome, intelligent and popular person in our
year he's probably the nicest too, he's about 5"9 with dark, floppy hair,
he has piercing blue eyes accompanied by a face that's soft but at the same
time has high cheek bones. I can feel my stomach fluttering and my knees
turning to jelly."Hey Eric, your gunna catch pneumonia walking young naked teen in this, hop in, I don't mind
giving you a lift"As he was speaking he had a smile that young girle gallarie was half empathetic half ironic
etched on his face, I could tell he saw just what happened but I'm glad he
is subtle enough not to mention it, if he'd been anymore young schoolgirls nicer to me I feel
like I would have broke down in tears."No really I can't, my Mam doesn't like me accepting charity, it's only
another 15 minutes walking anyway,""Think of it as a favour and when I need your help I can just ask you,""Alright" I said, agreeing "that sounds fair enough"I like the idea of having to do whatever he wants, if you know what I mean,
I dump my cello into the back seat and hopped in front with him."It's right next to the primary school isn't it?" "Yeah" I said, he knows
where I live?He turns the heating on noticing how I'm shivering, I'm slightly
embarrassed because all the rain has made my black jeans and white t-shirt
cling to my skeletal frame, by now my t-shirt was practically see through
and you could literally watch a massive purple bruise young iligal porn forming where I'd
been hit, my cheeks must have been flushing because of what he said next;"It's alright I won't bite" he winked "at least, you'd better hope I won't,
here take my hoddie"He pulled his hoddie off his hoddie, briefly flashing his toned stomach and
Calvin Klein boxers, and handed it to me,"It'll get wet" I said"I don't mind seriously, clothes dry!""Thank-you" I said pulling the cheesiest grin I could,He laughed and drove through the green light,
"So how come you're walking home in this weather, would nobody come and
pick you up?""My Mam makes me walk home; she says I'm not appreciative enough of how
much she does for me,""Well I won't disagree with your Mam" he said, being polite "but you
should've just asked for a lift, drama club finishes the same time as you
come out of your music lesson" he says slightly blushing for revealing he
notices when I'm around."I wouldn't want to impose"We were already outside my street, it seemed like I hadn't been in the car
3 seconds."Just drop me of here, I can walk the rest" I said not wanting him to see
how small and unkempt my house was compared to his,"No, I want to drop you off at your door; I don't want you to catch a
cold. It's this one isn't it?" he asked pulling outside my tiny bungalow,
"hey, I was thinking about you owe me for the lift," he winked "and I
really need help with the singing for the play were doing in drama and
you're the only person I know who could help, you're playing the music for
drama practice tomorrow aren't you?" he didn't wait for a reply "I'll bring
you over to mine after that"He said all that before I even had a chance of objecting, practically
forcing me to do what he wanted, not that I'm complaining."It's a date" he said,he reached open and opened the door for me, brushing my leg with his hand
that sent a shiver of delight up my body.I got out with my cello as he shouted "my place tomorrow, don't forget!""Thank-you" I said,but he was already gone, I smiled to myself at him for being so forward and
walked into my house."Who was that?! Dropping you off in his fancy car!" Mam demanded "you ilegal porn young know
we don't accept charity Eric, why would you do that!? As if people didn't
think were poor enough your begging lifts of young naked teen rich boys!""was that your faggy boyfriend?" dad shouted billowing alcoholic fumes in
my face "don't you bring disgrace to this house again!" he'd been drinking
again for sure, I saw fresh injection marks on his arms as he spun me
around, I felt my shoulder bruise where he had grabbed it,"I'm sorry Dad it's just, was raining and he offered me a li-""-don't give me that shit" he screamed cutting me off,I ran to put my cello in my room where it wouldn't be damaged,"Don't run away from me!"He pushed me against a wall and punched me square in the stomach, I fell to
the floor into the foetal position while he kicked my ribs and everything
else he could find that was exposed. I started crying and didn't stop till
long after he had got bored and went back to drinking in front of very young nn the T.V.I crawled into my bedroom and stripped off to my boxers, noticing my
crimson streaked body in the mirror, the bruises added to my collection
since coming home, I slipped into bed and cried myself to sleep.This is my first time trying to write so please ideas, criticism and
appraisals :) are all welcome at my e-mail address also I would really appreciate an editor if
anyone feels up to it, thanks for reading.
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